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STEM Gifts for Girls

STEM Gifts for Girls
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KNEXmightymakersFinding STEM gifts for girls shouldn’t be a problem, yet many times most products are targeted to boys. Yet, girls do love to build robots, mess with chemistry kits or built K’nex building sets.

Why stem gifts? Because girls should be empowered to be prepared for the jobs of the future as well. And, rather then playing with American Dolls or Barbie, better spend their time and mind on a forensic science detective toolkit for example. But, that it is just my 2 cents…

What is STEM?

I am sure some people may wonder about it…So STEM  stands for science, technology, maths and engineering. As you can see all these are interrelated, so kids will definitely benefit from studying any of them.

Below are some popular STEM gifts ideas for girls and boys alike. Most of them can be found on Amazon, some in popular toy retail shops and some in specialized educational toys  websites such as Mindware. I actually love the latest.

Physics Workshop Science Kit

Top Stem Toys For Girls And Boys Alike

The Thames Kosmos Physics Workshop Science Kit is a great Stem gift for kids. It comes with a varied set of physics experiments that cover most of the physics class topics. It’s a great product for kids to get more exposure to science. Some of the experiments include making a windmill, mars robot, force scale, centrifugal switch just to name a few. These helps kids learn about gravity, force and acceleration.

Physics Workshop Kit

Chemistry Kits For Kids

Cool Gift Ideas For Girls Age 8 And Up

Girls love to play with chemistry sets and kits. Most good chemistry kits are for kids age 8 and up. Even at 8 years I would not let my child doing the experiments alone. For a younger age child gift, you may want to consider My First Chemistry Set.

With what I have the most experience is Chem C1000 Chemistry Kit. I’ve bought it for my daughter for a school project on Marie Curie. It is a very well made product made by Thames and Kosmos which comes with 30 pieces, including gurgles which are essential, 125 experiments and a 80 page manual. Actually, my daughter loved the manual, as is very detailed and explains very well the experiments. Keep in mind that you may need some ingredients around the house. However, the chemistry set comes with some stuff which you would not want your child play alone. The kit includes copper sulfate, sodium carbonate citric acid, litmus powder to name a few.

Chem C1000 Chemistry Kit

K’nex Mighty Makers Home Designer Building Set

Hot Selling Educational Toy For Girls

I love, love, K’nex building sets. They are very fun, challenging and educational building sets for kids. And they make cool Christmas presents for any kids age 7 to 10 years old. Since this post is about STEM presents for girls, the K’nex Mighty Makers are a great options, mainly because they are very girly in colors plus the two figurines, Sophia and Brianna. However, these K’nex building sets blocks are more about math, geometry in particular, and engineering than just some simple blocks. It beats up any Lego set in my book.  The K’nex Mighty Makers Home Designer Building Set especially is a highly on the wishlist of my daughter’s Christmas list.

K’NEX Mighty Makers Home Designer Building Set


Snap Circuits Junior Electronics Projects Kit

Top Rated Kids Toys

If your daughter or grand-daughter loves science and physics, this is a great Christmas or birthday gift. A multiple award winning toy, this is designed to teach the kids how electronics work in a fun and educational way. Made by Elenco, there are several electronic project kits to choose from. The Snap Circuits Jr 100 Electronics Set is the most popular of all, been the best seller on Amazon in physics science kits. It comes with more than 30 pieces and a plastic grid, kids can make 100 projects of the manual. No need to weld anything, as everything is fit on the plastic grid. This promises to be a lot of fun for older kids age 10 to 12 years old. I am sure girls will love it, too.

Snap Circuits Jr. SC-100 Electronics Discovery Kit

14 One Solar Robot Kit

Robot Kits For Girls

Building robots is a bit part of the new STEM educational curriculum and while traditionally boys are more interested in building robots, girls can have their share as well. There are lots of robot kits kids can build, from accessible ones to  very expensive ones, but I really love the this OWI 14  1 Educational Solar Robot Kit.

OWI 14-in-1 Solar Robot

MAGFORMERS Math Activity 124 Piece Set Playset

Best Brain Teasers Toys For Girls

Magformers is another toy brand which you should always look for when it comes to educational toys for girls. This math activity set is a pretty expensive one, though you can find more affordable ones.







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