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John Deere Gifts For Kids

John Deere Gifts For Kids
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johndeeregiftsforboysMany kids, particularly boys, love John Deere toys, particularly the ride-on-toys and the wagons. John Deere is symbol for American farming industry, been the main producer of farming trucks, etc. and many kids would love to play with tractors and pretend play they are farmers.

Besides toys, John Deere license their brand to lots of other products which can make great gifts for kids. I particularly like their John Deere pajamas for kids. Which are the most popular John Deere toys for boys? Looking at their website, it seems that radio control tractor toys are the best selling toys.

John Deere Radio Control Tractor Toys

<b>John Deere Monster Treads Remote Control Tractor</b>John Deere Monster Treads Remote Control Tractor

The John Deere Monster Radio Control Truck is by far one of the best selling John Deere trucks. It’s not cheap, and it retails for about the same on Amazon and on their website, so I would buy from them first for its convenience.

The thing that I like about it, it is that it can rotate easily when the truck hits the wall. The kids love to play hard with their R/C toys, and often you see them broken pretty soon because they bang them on the walls. I know my son broke some expensive R/C cars and helicopters that way. It comes with a 9 v battery which you will have to charge for 4 hours before starting to play.

It makes a great gift for boys who love to play with radio control toys. Regarding age, I think 4 year plus is OK. The truck is quite big, though. If this is not an option for you, then there are quite a few other radio control toys by John Deere to make some great Xmas presents for boys.


John Deere gifts for toddlers

I love the rocking chair tractor for a Christmas gift for a toddler. It suits mostly toddler boys, though. It has a sturdy wooden rocker base, it’s made out of plush representing a John Deere tractor. Another thing to consider are some sipping cups and snack container. Toddlers love sorting toys and I am a big fan of them due to their educational nature and you can also find licensed John Deere sorting toys for toddlers which are a great alternative to other popular brands. Don’t forget that toddlers love things and toys which are very small and can be hold by their little hands. For this reason, I do recommend this Kernel Shucks toy for 2 year olds.

<b>John Deere Plush Rocking Tractor</b>John Deere Plush Rocking Tractor


John Deere Gift Ideas For Girls


You may think only boys love John Deere toys and trucks, but they make some for pink products for girls as well. I particularly like their tricycles models and the wagons. Small girls love to be ride along in a wagon more than boys, so I think they are way more fit for them rather than for boys. Another great John Deere gift for girls which I love is their pink table and chair for small kids. It looks very sturdy, way better quality than something you can pick up at Walmart or Ikea. Off course, you can get it in iconic green as well.

<b>John Deere Steel Stake Wagon Pink</b>John Deere Steel Stake Wagon Pink<b>John Deere Kids Pink Table and 2 Chairs</b>John Deere Kids Pink Table and 2 Chairs<b>John Deere Steel Tricycle Pink</b>John Deere Steel Tricycle Pink



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