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Cool Christmas Gifts For 12 Years Old Girls

Cool Christmas Gifts For 12 Years Old Girls
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headphonesgiftforgirlsBuying gifts for 12 years old girls is not easy matter. The days of just buying dolls and dollhouses have gone and now most girls that I know have a precise list of what they want. However, if you don’t have any express wishes and you don’t have any idea of what she wants for Christmas this year, below are some great gift ideas that girls this age might enjoy.

What Is The Best Gift For A 12 Year Old Girl?

Please bear in mind that pre-teen girls already have formed hobbies and interests. Actually, this starts at 8 years old. Some girls are into crafts and arts, others into various sports, dancing and off course make up things. Some girls are heavenly into pre-teen fashion so would love anything glitzy, others are more geeky and would love a tablet or iPod or some STEM related gifts for girls.

Tablet For 12 Years Old

Getting a tablet for a 12 years old is great present idea be it for your daughter or for your granddaughter. The Nabi Tablet for kids is a cool tablet that I am sure your daughter will love. Its much more cheaper than an iPad. Plus, I wouldn’t want to give an iPad on a pre-teen hands due to lack of security built into them. What I like about Nabi Tablet is that its built for kids and grows with them. I personally don’t prefer the small kids tablets as after few months are just tossed away. Its operating system is Android and the browsing system is more kiddiesh which I like. You can also buy cool tablet accessories like a bumper with the a place to put her name on it.

nabi 2 (NABI2-NV7A)


Make Up Things For Pre-Teens Girls

As previously mentioned, not all girls are into glitzy girly stuff, but most they do, my daughter included. I don’t let her have nail polish and make up things at the age of 8 years old, but at 12 years old and up I will make small concessions. I know not all moms feel like me and do allow their daughters have nail polish at a much younger age, yes I know…Though I would make sure if you buy make up things to really look up the ingredients and buy organic if possible. I wait and buy her a cool nail polish set as this Creativity for Kids Glitter Nail Art which is a fun way for girls to play with glitter. Another one which I love is the Klutz nail polish kit set for girls. Actually, Klutz have great nail polish craft kits and books for girls of this age.

Creativity for Kids Glitter Nail ArtKlutz Nail Art Craft Kit

Backpack For 12 Years Old

Backpacks or even purses are great gift ideas for older girls but not too old enough. At this age they are not really into purses, but they still like to compare their backpacks with other girls at schools. Also, backpacks accessories like little bears or small figurines make great stocking staffers. The reason why I love give backpacks as a present for an older girl, think 10 to 12 years of age, is for its practicality. They need a backpack to go to school, so do bear in mind that in middle school they may carry lots of books and things home, so a backpack with some fun twinkle stuff will always go well. I love the Skechers Twinke Toes Little Girls’ Leopard Basic Backpack which is a very girly backpack. My daughter has it blue. Its a hit in our home, the kids love that it always blink on dark.

Twinkle Leopard Pink BackpackCheetah Puff Metallic Backpack

Gift Card For Girls

Preteen girls have their own fashion favorites. They have outgrown Oshkosh or Gap, and want something else. They are not anymore about letting mom pick their clothes for them. For this reason a great gift idea for a 12 years daughter be it for her birthday or Xmas is to just give a gift card to her favorite shop. Off course, you may need to accompany her. Some cool shops at that age are Target, Justice or Forever 21.

Forever 21 Gift Card $25Justice Gift Card $50


Fancy Locked Diary For Girls

Unlock the creativity with a fancy locked diary. Girls love fancy stuff, particularly pre teens ones. Plus, I am sure she will be more inclined to follow true with writing in a nice looking diary. Writing is an important skill to master for their school and life. So, you can say to yourself this is an educational gift as well. I love the Pecoware Butterfly Diary with Lock.

Pecoware Butterfly Diary with LockSecrets, Dreams and Wishes

Headphones  Make Cool 12 Years Old Presents For Girls

Headphones are cool electronic  gifts for 12 years old girls. And luckily, you have plenty of models to choose from. From My Little Pony design to Sophia the First and Frozen headphones. Obviously, you do have to now which Disney character is she into. Or Loved when she was a little smaller. I love the My Little Pony Rainbow Headphones as they are not too childish which is perfect for a 12 to 14 years old girl. You can also have a look at some earbuds  for girls.

My Little Pony Rainbow Rocks Headphones SetHello Kitty Bling Earbuds


 Karaoke Microphone

Either for a party, either for just having fun, a karaoke machine with microphone is a hit with girls. Who doesn’t love kidding around singing their favorite tunes? 12 years old girls are big into music. You can match the present with her favorite singer or band CD for a stocking stuffer.

Singing MachinePortable Party Karaoke Machine



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