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Children’s Encyclopedias Gifts For Bookish Kids

Children’s Encyclopedias Gifts For Bookish Kids
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bookgiftsforkidsChildren’s encyclopedias for kids make great gifts, especially for the bookish ones. There are encyclopedias on every subject unimaginable or jut general knowledge things that kids would love to find out. My kids love encyclopedia and I have a few at home, plus we also burrow some from the library a well.

I love DK encyclopedias for kids as they are very well made. The pictures are just stunning and the hardcover ones just make great coffee table books as well. So, if you are stuck for ideas on which encyclopedias are best for kids, you can always search for DK encyclopedias for kids.

Other very popular kids encyclopedias are Britannica encyclopedia for kids and the World Book Encyclopedia for kids. The latter are very big encyclopedias which can also be accessed online if you wish so. Think Encarta for kids. I find them useful for researching when my kids get a school project, but my kids don’t really enjoy reading from them online. They seem to be more attracted by pictures inside a simple book though.

Encyclopedias for natural history lovers

My little one is fascinated with dinosaurs, pre-historic animals, fossils and animals in general. And since he bugged me everyday to read from it, I knew what kind of present he may get for his birthday: DK Smithsonian Natural History book. The hardcover one. You can take a look at it in Barnes and Nobles, but the price on Amazon is unbeatable really. At least it was when I bought it. Be warned that its a huge book, very heavy and small kids may have troubles carrying it.

<b>DK Natural History</b>DK Natural History<b>DK Nature Encyclopedia</b>DK Nature Encyclopedia



Encyclopedias For Kids Who Love Science

There are lots of gift ideas for kids who love science. The most popular ones are the science kits. However, kids do need to learn basic things of how things work and formed, and for this science books are invaluable. Encyclopedias are great ways to introduce kids to science, plus they will ace their science tests as school.

<b>Science: A Visual Encyclopedia</b>Science: A Visual Encyclopedia<b>The Kingfisher Science Encyclopedia</b>The Kingfisher Science Encyclopedia



General knowledge encyclopedia for kids

This is a must for every home….well most people don’t really think so, they have internet, mart phones, so you can get knowledge everywhere, every time, right? I disagree with it as someone who actually knows how search engine works, I find it truly hard to find quality information. Plus, nothing beats holding a book in your hand. Luckily, you still can purchase some good quality general knowledge encyclopedias such as the DK Smithsonian General Knowledge book.

<b>DK Knowledge Encyclopedia</b>DK Knowledge Encyclopedia<b>Student's Encyclopedia of General Knowledge</b>Student’s Encyclopedia of General Knowledge



Dk Smithsonian Encyclopedia For Kids Who Love Dinosaurs


This is how it looks my son DK Smithsonian Dinosaurs encyclopedia after one year of daily use. It’s a bit harder for a first or second grader to read, but higher grades should have no problem with most of the text. It has amazing pictures and goes beyond any other dinosaurs books out there. I don’t really think it is suitable for very small kids below 8 years of age due to some fearsome dinosaur pictures, but that is just me. You can also read my best dinosaur gifts for kids ideas.

<b>Smithsonian Dinosaur Encyclopedia</b>Smithsonian Dinosaur Encyclopedia<b>Children's Dinosaur Encyclopedia</b>Children’s Dinosaur Encyclopedia




Encyclopedias For History Lover Kids

I you have a history lover kid, then giving a history encyclopedia as a gift is a great idea. There are great Smithsonian  history books for both world history and american history as well. I bought for my daughter the big DK Smithsonian History book and I must say that I find it hard to let it go myself as well. They are a great addition to fiction book series sets for kids, as well.

<b>History: From the Dawn of Civilization to the Present Day</b>History: From the Dawn of Civilization to the Present Day<b>History Year by Year</b>History Year by Year






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