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Best Christmas Gifts For 7 Years Old Girls

Best Christmas Gifts For 7 Years Old Girls
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best gift for 7 years oldFinding the best Christmas gifts for 7 years girls can be quite tricky. Most of girls have grown up the stage of dolls and dollhouses. So, finding something that she likes may be need some thought and quizzes on your part. If she is your daughter, then the job is easier as you know what she is into. But when it is to buy for someone that you don’t know very well, then things get a little bit more challenging. Some girls love artsy stuff, others are into crafts. You get the idea…

Art Sets For 7 Years Olds

I have to put it on the first place as my own daughter loves anything art. There are some great art sets for kids out there, including on Amazon that you can purchase. I like the Art 101 All-Media Art Set which has 119 pieces. It comes with two manuals, one for learning drawing and sketching and one for acrylic painting. You can also supplement it with a sketch book or a set of alternative canvas panels, which are both very affordable. I am sure any girl will love this art set, as most girls do love to draw and paint.

Art 101 All-Media Art Set (119-Piece)Strathmore Pastel Paper Pad

Making Bracelets Kits

Girls at this age enjoy lots of crafty stuff. My daughter loves anything that has to do with  making jewelry or bracelets. I love this  Aquastone Braded Bracelet Kit. It resembles the adult bracelet made from Pandora charms. Once finished, it really looks stylish. And girls at this age are starting to look for stylish hair pins, nail polish, barcelets and so on. Another  bracelet kit that I love is the Alex Toys Friendship Bracelet Kit. This one may require some help from mom with assembly, it is not as easy as just beading beads.

Charm Bracelet KitUltimate Friendship Bracelet

Cool Stuff for Room

At 7 years old, girls want to have nice girly rooms. So, they start to be more into decorating their rooms and what they like and what they don’t like their rooms to look like.Choosing a bedroom decor accessory such as decorative pillow is a great idea for a present. I am sure they will be ecstatic. A furry decorative pillow or a gumball is a good idea,as I’ve chosen below. Another good gift idea is a panda or other animal pillow decorative for the bedroom. If a decorative pillow doesn’t appeal to you, you can also look into a bedroom lamp, or poster of her favorite singer.

<b>Plush Monster Pillow</b>Plush Monster Pillow<b>Emoji Pillow Emoticon</b>Emoji Pillow Emoticon<b>Poop Face Stuffed Pillow</b>Poop Face Stuffed Pillow


Make Your Own Perfume Kit

Making your own perfume kit sounds very cool and fun for me as well, not only my daughter. Plus it can be a good occasion to learn about science. You can find some very nice science perfume kits on the market today. Below are some of the best which you can choose from. Both look very girlish and come with instructions, essential oils, bottles for storing the perfumes. These make great gift ideas for any girl 7 years and up for birthday parties, Christmas gifts or any other party( think sleep over party).

<b>Scientific Explorer My Own Perfumery</b>Scientific Explorer My Own Perfumery<b>Ideal Spa-La-La Perfumery Kit</b>Ideal Spa-La-La Perfumery Kit<b>Piccolo Genio Cosmetics and Essences</b>Piccolo Genio Cosmetics and Essences


Magic Tree House Book Sets

Not all girls love to receive books for Christmas or for their birthday. But my daughter does, she loves books so any kind of book that she gets is good for her. Offering books for young girl can be tricky, particularly at 7 years old, when the reading level can vary a lot from girl to girl. I know mine is into book series, and a very popular book series with kids at this age is Magic Tree House. For a birthday or Christmas Books Gift idea, you can always go for the full set of 34 books.

<b>Magic Tree House Boxed Se</b>tMagic Tree House Boxed Set<b>The Dork Diaries Set</b>The Dork Diaries Set<b>Ever After High: The Storybox of Legends</b>Ever After High: The Storybox of Legends


 Hatchimals The Egg Hatchers

The Hottest Toy Gift Christmas 2016

The little toys that look like Furby’s are undoubtedly the hottest toy this Christmas. If you can get your hands on one at the last minute, I am sure you can make your daughter/niece very happy. Many people are wondering where to buy Hatchimals the egg hatchers. If your local Target or Walmart don’t have them, you best bet is Ebay and Amazon.

<b>Hatchimals Penguala Teal/Pink</b>Hatchimals Penguala Teal/Pink<b>BLUE OR PURPLE DRAGGLE HATCHIMAL</b>BLUE OR PURPLE DRAGGLE HATCHIMAL<b>Hatchimals Owlicorn Pink/Purple Egg</b>Hatchimals Owlicorn Pink/Purple Egg



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