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Best Gifts For 2 Years Old Boys

Best Gifts For 2 Years Old Boys
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Cool Gifts For BoysBest Lego For 2 Years Old Boys

Two year old is a great age to introduce your child to bricks. They don’t have to to be LEGO, at this age there are lots of bricks brands that can be used as well. The only LEGO that kids can play themselves at this stage are Lego Duplo. You can buy a generic Lego Duplo All in One box, I recommend the 95 pieces box first. My son was frustrated that he cannot build the towers and buildings tall enough with just the 65 pieces box.

Best Sport Gifts For Toddlers

Boys age 2 start to be very interested in sports. Either they see their brothers playing certain sports, either they are introduced to them through daycare or pre-school. I now my son loved to play soccer at that age. Most of the tie though, fathers love to teach their kids soccer, baseball or basketball. And there are some great sport toys for toddler boys, both outdoor and indoor. I know my son loved the soccer Ficher Price Grow to Pro Super Sounds Soccer. He also loved playing the whole house golf with his toddler golf set. Boys been very active, it’s important to choose toys that develop their motion skills and also allows them to spend teir energy in a safe way.


Best Cars and Trucks for Boys age 2

Which boys do not enjoy his truck or cars? I don’t know any. However, most boys age 2 and 3 love to pretend play with their cars. So, anything that is pull along, car racers tracks, train tracks, is a hit with them. However, radio controlled cars are not such a great idea. Kids this age do not have the right motion controlled to play wit RC toys and many toys they get frustrated by it.

Best Tools for Boys

Kids love to imitate their parents, especially boys. Does your son/grandson loves to watch daddy repairing something in the house and begs to help? Now, you have some great pretend to play tool toys for 2 years old that I am sure they would love. I particularly like the Little Tikes Handiworker Tool Play. It resembles an adult tool set that his daddy uses all the time, plus it doesn’t occupy much space in his room.

Best Educational Blocks and Bricks For 2 Years Olds

One of the best toy gift for a child age 2 is a big box of blocks or bricks. I prefer the wood blocks that many daycare uses. There are quite expensive , though. Plus, some mommies may not be happy picking up blocks all day from around the house. Yet, they are very creative to play with and really stimulates the brain and helps with motion skills in small kids. Really, you can be amazed with what small kids can come up too in building.



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