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Best Christmas Gifts For 1 Year Old Girls 2016

Best Christmas Gifts For 1 Year Old Girls 2016
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giftsforoneyearoldgirlsBest Sorting Toys Gifts For 1 Year Olds

I love sorting toys for toddlers. Around one year old is a great time for babies to start with this type of toy. It develops their motion and critical thinking skills. Plus, they are pretty cheap to buy.

I find them very educational and my kids did play with them until they were three to four years old. While the plastic ones are easily re-purposed as ingredients for some cooking pretend play, the wooden sorting toys makes some nice addition to the castle or other imaginative building. What I am saying is that they make a great toy for 1 year old, be it girls or boys. You can find the classics of Fisher Price or Vteck, or the wooden sorting toys which I like  even  more.

Fisher-Price Brilliant BasicsMelissa & Doug Shape Sorting CubeTake-Along Shape Sorter Baby ToyGeometric Sorting BoardPlan Toys Cone SortingBATTOP Baby Shape

Little Tikes Toys For 1 Year Old Make Great Gifts

Cool Christmas Toys for 1 Year Old Girl

When it comes to preschoolers, Little Tikes is a company who have a great range of products for 1 year old,  2 year old, 3 year old and 4 year old. So, if you have small kids, you cannot get wrong with buying any of their products. They are strong and durable and though most made in China, the quality of plastic is ok. I like their Little Tikes Push and Ride Racer and Little Tikes Activity Garden Playset which I showcased below. Both make great gifts for 1 year old  boys and girls.

Little Tikes Activity Garden Baby PlaysetLittle Tikes Push & Ride RacerLittle Tikes Ball, Drop and Roll


Best Educational Toys For 1 Year Olds

1 Year Old Girls Gift Ideas That Won’t Brake The Bank

I am a big believer in buying educational toys no matter the age. I honestly have an issue with popular character toys as I find them lacking critical thinking skills in kids. I refer to Barbie Dolls, Monster High Dolls or Ninja Turtles toys and the likes. Don’t get me wrong my kids do have plenty of them, mainly because always sees one in Target, but I also do buy plenty of educational toys. While babies do like plenty of colorful toys, starting 1 years old is a great way to introduce kids to letters, shapes and numbers in a fun way. Even simple things as sorting toys are pretty educational in my opinion.

Vtech storytime rhyming book

Birthday Gift Ideas One Year Old Girl

Vteck has some cool story time  rhyming books which makes great gifts for 1 year olds. But any nursery and/or storybook toys are great for developing their speech.

VTech Musical Rhymes Book – Pink – Online ExclusiveVTech Musical Rhymes BookVTech Touch and Teach Elephant – Purple – Online ExclusiveVtech Discovery Nursery Farm

Manhattan Toy Baby Stella Doll

Best Christmas Gift For 1 Year Old Girl That You Could Buy

This is one of my favorite cuddle up toy for 1 year old girls. My daughter have one and it makes a great companion for the next few years for any baby girls. The baby Stella doll is a classic for baby dolls and I don’t know any baby girl who would not like one. It comes in various models plus accessories and a baby doll stroller which is very handy for when she would start to walk.

Manhattan Toy Baby Stella Brunette Soft Nurturing First Baby Doll (new for 2015!)Manhattan Toy Baby Stella Peach Soft Nurturing First Doll (new for 2015!)Manhattan Toy Baby Stella Peach Soft Nurturing First Baby DollManhattan Toy Baby Stella Beige Soft Nurturing First Baby Doll (new for 2015!)

Best Sit To Stand Baby Walkers For Girls

Popular Toys For Babies And Toddler Girls  Year Round

Most babies develop walking at around 18 months. Sit and stand walkers are great toys for 1 year olds that help develop motion skills. There are other baby walkers on the market, but I would avoid those where babies have to sit inside the walker as they can develop toe walking. It happened to my first child and it was difficult to make her walk normally.

VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker – PinkFisher-Price Brilliant Basics Musical Activity WalkerVTech Sit-To-Stand Ultimate Alphabet Train – PinkVidatoy Learning Activity Walker Musical Push Toys For Baby-Pink








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