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Top 10 Christmas Gifts For Boyfriend

Top 10 Christmas Gifts For Boyfriend
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shavinggiftsformenChoosing a gift for your boyfriend be it for Christmas or his birthday is quite the most difficult thing to do. Partly, because guys are hard to please, partly because if they need something, they just go buy it themselves.

Most guys would love to get something for their main interests and hobbies. For a guy who is into golf, getting him some golfing shoes is a good idea. For a guy who loves his Lego, I am sure he would appreciate some rare Lego sets from Ebay or Amazon.

Below are the most common top 10 Christmas gifts for boyfriends. No matter if he is your boyfriend of 1 month or 10 years, you will find some ideas of what present to buy for him.



Luxury Wallets For Men

I love the Montblanc wallets products. This Montblanc 38036 Westside 4810 6cc Wallet makes a perfect gift for your boyfriend. Some guys are very attached to their old wallets even if it fallen apart. You should not be discouraged if he will not wear it immediately, after all he will do need to replace his old one at some point.

Why it makes a perfect present for guys? Well, most guys need a wallet. Plus, every time he opens it, he will remember of you. I prefer to buy a very good quality wallet as they last for years. Montblanc is one of the best when it comes to such luxury items. Also, it can be a wallet for credit cards, a business card holder, you get the idea.

Montblanc 38036 Westside 4810 6cc WalletMontblanc Meisterstuck 6 Credit Card Wallet

Electronics Gifts For Guys

Choosing an electronic present for your boyfriend should be not too difficult. Some guys are pretty straight forward with what they want. Others are very subtle. A good strategy is to look for clues when you are together in a shop or while he is browsing a magazine or his smartphone.

Also, you can thing of things that he doesn’t have and he might want. Things likeĀ  headphones, a new tablet or a Kindle. The possibilities are unlimited really, it just pretty much depends on your budget and how much do you want to spend for Christmas on his present. I would go with a Kindle such as All-New Kindle Paperwhite which is a 6 inch new improved Kindle paperwhite or the New Fire Tablet which is at an unbeatable price really.

New Fire KindleAll-New Kindle Paperwhite

Straight Edge Razor

There is areal art of shaving nowadays and more and more men ditch the electric razors for the straight edge razors. It seems it looks cool to pamper themselves as their grandfathers did, or at least, think so…For this reason, offering him a straight Edge Razor Gift Set as this one below from Shave Ready is a great idea. It comes in a pack with all they need. And if this is to much for them, they can always take their electric ones from the cupboard.

Shave Ready

Cologne Gift Ideas For Guys

If you are lost for ideas and don’t want to spend a fortune for your Christmas present for your guy, then choosing a cologne such as Burberry Eau De Toilette is a decent idea. I am sure any guy will appreciate it. Sometimes they have their own favorite cologne brand and model, yet I do like how this Burberry Brit Rhythm smells like on him, so this is why I highlighted below. Just make sure you choose something fine and more luxury such as Burberry.

BURBERRY Brit Rhythm for HimBURBERRY for Men Eau de Toilette

Watch Gifts For Guys

Are you together for some time, maybe a year or two and want to splash on something more expensive? Giving him a watch as a gift is a pretty cool idea. Though, a believe it should mark something special like an important anniversary as a good watch does cost a bit of money. He may have a favorite brand, hopefully not Rolex, or he may need a special watch. You get the idea…


Citizen Men’s WatchSeiko Men’s Watch

Ugly Sweater Gifts For Him

This is a very cool Christmas gift for your boyfriend even if you are dating him for 3 months or for 3 years. Ugly Christmas Parties are in huge vogue in the last couple of years and you don’t want to have the same ugly sweater as last year. Plus you can buy a matching ugly sweater for yourself as well. Below are some naughty ugly sweaters that he may like. I particularly find it hilarious and more fit for a present the menage a trois sweater.

Horse Ugly Christmas SweaterMenage a Trois Sweater

Funny Christmas T-Shirts For Guys

I don’t see how you can go wrong with a funny Christmas T-shirt. Guys love quirky gifts and not all guys are into expensive gifts. So, really just a funny t-shirt might do the trick. He may like other ideas, so you can buy him a cool funny t-shirt with that particular interest or hobby.

Official Christmas Lights Stringer Upper Tee Shirtchristmas spirit shirtsNice Balls Funny Men’s Christmas T-shirtHe Sees You When You’re Sleeping Christmas Shirt

Gag Gifts For Boyfriend

Guys love gifts with a sense of humor, particularly for Christmas time. This is a popular gag gift for boyfriends and I don’t really think it needs much explanations. Other gag gifts could be funny mugs, slippers or office tools.

Girlfriend Pillow with Arm



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