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Best Gifts For Cross Stitchers

Best Gifts For Cross Stitchers
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12dayofchristmasI must say that I am an avid cross stitcher and really, any book or kit will be welcomed by me. That is, if I don’t really have one. But, I must tell you that most cross stitchers love to receive pattern books. With kits is more tricky, I believe most experienced cross stitchers prefer making their own project.

They like looking for materials needed for the project and would not really set for a ready made cross stitch kit. These types of kits are more appropriate for the beginner cross stitcher.

New Cross Stitcher’s Bible

There are many cross stitch books on the market, many very niche, but I believe any cross stitcher would love the New Cross Stitcher’s Bible. It’s a very comprehensive book about the latest techniques in stitching, new stitching methods, new materials and how to best use them in your project. Its a quite expensive book, but I believe a true cross stitcher must have it. It also makes a perfect gift for stitcher lovers alike be it as a Christmas present or birthday gift.

New Cross Stitcher’s Bible


S.A. RICHARDS PROP-IT Magnetic Needlework Chart Holder

There is nothing more annoying then trying to work out a cross stitch or needlepoint project, especially a big one, with multiple pattern pages scattered everywhere. Getting a Magnetic Needlework Chart Holder would be a lie saver for me.

Plus, my project would also look nice. When you work a small piece such as a card, not having  a card holder it’s OK. But big needlepoint canvas pictures usually have tens of pattern pages. That makes working your project from fun to cumbersome. What I like about this  chart holder is that the magnets are used for positioning on the chart along the stitching sequence. This  makes sewing so much easy.

You don’t want to know how frustrating it is to forget on which row you are and having to figure it out again. Especially if you take a break and come back later on and having to remember which stitch you are at.

S.A. RICHARDS PROP-IT Magnetic Needlework Chart Holder

F.A.Edmunds Stitcher’s Wonder 9×24″Frame w/Stand

Any addict needleworker will tell you that working a project without proper hoop or frame is a waste of your time and money. Needlework projects such as needlepoiny canvas pictures or needlepoint pillow cases last a lifetime, so it’s a waste of your time and the money you have spent on the project materials to ruin it by working loose.

You can see when the canvas was not properly tighten as the yearn is worked loose. Plus, you run the problem of the canvas getting shifted on the the direction you hold it up. So, when it is finished, it doesn’t look straight. For this reason, getting a framed stand or any kind of frame to hold the canvas is a must.

Many experienced stitchers have several such framed stands and hoops. What I like about this Wonder  Frame Stand is that it can rotate 360 degrees, which is very important for larger pieces. Plus, it has adjustable height and you can fold it up for an easy storage.

Wonder Stand Frame

Mighty Bright Vusion Craft Light & Magnifier

I am sure your granny who loves to stitch would really appreciate this magnifier lamp. The truth is that after a certain age or eyes are not the same anymore and, if you do needlework as a hobby, this is even more true. I generally don’t do any sewing without natural light, that means I don’t cross stitch in the evenings, but there are persons who truly love doing cross stitching, eve at night. Plus, this can be used for much more than just sewing.

Mighty Bright Vusion Craft Light & Magnifier

DMC Arm Chair Needlework Organizer


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